Special Features of the Academy


All the Class rooms are fully air-conditioned and well furnished. Comfortable chairs to smoothen the long sitting hours of classes are provided with inbuilt hard board for easy writing down of the notes. Proper lighting and air ventilation spaces are taken care of, for healthy.

Effective Classroom Teaching

The courses carried out in the academy are being handled by the expertise of each subject. Our mentors give their best in discussing every relevant nick of the subject to the satisfaction of the students. Any kind of questions and doubts are welcomed to be discussed in the class with the faculty members. Special focus is laid on preparing for the competition step wise step. No course is mixed with one another for good results finally.

Small Batches

To achieve the objective of personal attention, small batches are taken up in the Academy. It not only caters the need of individual care but also provides the healthy environment of studies.

Classroom notes writing securing manuscript of the classroom teaching

Since classroom teaching is the most essential and valuable feature of the course thus due consideration by the teachers is always borne in mind by the faculty to comprehensively help students to write down the notes.

Subjective Study Material

A comprehensive study material has been prepared keeping in consideration the easy language to enable the students in grasping the concepts of subject well.

Regular Test

To enable the self evaluation, Daily objective test are conducted. The answerers are subsequently discussed after the paper followed with the discussion on the doubts of the students for in-depth understanding of the doubts.

Online Test

With the advent of the new technology, the institute has introduced a new method of self evaluation through the online test series present in the website ofthe institute. The students will be mailed the respective password using which they can anytime access the test series.

Extra Classes For Trouble Shooting Questions

On Every Saturday special hours are fixed for discussion of trouble shooting questions and doubts of the students. Faculty assists the students by dedicating a complete session on welcoming questions with regard to the subjects taught by them. This feature enables the hesitant students to clear the doubts in-person with the concerned teacher.

Hostel & Paying Guest Facility

To assist the students coming from distance place, in arranging accommodation at reasonable price is one of the basic responsibility of the institute. Guidance to such accommodation can be taken recourse-of anytime.


Library shall be furnished with landmark and latest Supreme Court online Cases alongwith Recent Civil and Criminal Report Journals, All India Report Journals (AIR and Complete Books on General Knowledge And Wi-Fi facility is also available in the Academy.


Academy also provides transport facility to the students also.

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New Crash Courses for Clat/Law Entrance Starting w.e.f 2nd April 2018

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